Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brain Exercise

let 's start...cuba jawab,jgn tengok jawapan dulu ye :)

1)What do you put in a toaster?

The answer is bread.The if your answer is toast.DO NOT proceed to Question 2

2)say silk 5 times..Now spell silk.What do cows drink?

The answer is water.Cows drink water.If u said milk,try not to hurt yourself :P

3) If blue house made from blue bricks,pink house made from pink bricks,yellow house made from yellow bricks and black house made from black bricks,green house made from...?

If your answer is green bricks,totally your brain is overstressed..Green houses are made from glasses!!try ask Mr Google!!

4) 20 years ago, a plane is flying 20,000 feet above Germany. Germany,at that time,divided politically into 2 : East Germany and West Germany. However,during the flight,2 of the engines failed,so the pilot decided on crash landing procedure. Unfortunately,the engines failed before he had time,and the plane crashed in the middle of 'No Man Land'- between East Germany and West Germany. Question, if u are the pilot, where would you choose to bury the survivors - 'No Man Land, East Germany, or West Germany?

Answer: You don't of course, bury survivors!!! if u said anything else,u ARE A REAL MORON,u must NEVER try to rescue ANYONE from a plane crash!!if u said,we must not bury survivors,proceed to next Question 5.

5) Please try not to use calculator for this question. U are driving a bus from K.L to KT. your company name is Syarikat Bas Seri Alam.The journey is about 8 hours.In Karak at 10 am,9 people get off and 6 people get on. In Lanchang at 11 am, 11 people get off and 2 people get on. In Maran at 1 pm, 7 people get off and no people get on. In Kuantan,4 people get off and 2 people get on. In Dungun, 1 people get off and 5 people get on. At 6 pm, u arrived at KT after 8 hours travel.The question is, what was the name of the driver?

Answer: Aiya!!!of course your name la!!!if u said Syarikat Bas Seri Alam, u are a real dummy!!!read the first line of the question!!!!!

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